Mc i busbane



Motorbikes in bus lanes: European overview         

Country Status Coverage Scope Conditions Comments
Austria limited Vienna 5 lanes, 5km    
Belgium no        
Czech Republic  no        
Denmark no        
Finland no        
France no       tests under discussion
Germany no       on BU agenda
Greece yes Country-wide  All lanes     Since 1999, taxis excluded
Ireland no        
Italy limited       limited  Milan Some lanes Bikes and mopeds CM in discussion for similar scheme in Rome
Luxembourg ?        
Netherlands no       under discussion
Norway yes Country-wide  All lanes  All bikes  for safety reasons
Portugal ?        
Spain limited Barcelona All lanes    
Sweden limited Stockholm <10 lanes    
Switzerland test Baden area  2 lanes     9 month trial   
Turkey no        
UK test Some lanes in some cities Bath Belfast Bristol Colchester Derby Grimsby Hull London(also some bus lanes on motorways) Newcastle on Tyne North Somerset South Gloucestershire Plymouth Reading Sunderland Swind on   All solo bikes  Each local authority can choose to allow or not. PTWs are allowed in some carpool (HOV) lanes

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